hdxhz asked:
youre so adorable that anyone will fall in love w you in an instant! :3 goodness why are you soooooooo lovely and cute *.*

omg thank you//// im really not much at all im so grateful of everyone making me feel so o+

r-aubritter asked:
i don't need a description B]

id date u 100% rens

Anonymous asked:
YOU’VE GOT A LOT OF DATES LINED UP, I DUNNO IF I CAN COMPETE. I’m 17, male-ish, ~5’8 with blond hair and green eyes. I like shakespeare best (WHO COULD THIS BE) but biology is also cool and I would 100% use french pickup lines on you. I’d take you to a museum or an aquarium and we could swap cool science facts (cool science fact in advance: sea angels, which are from the genus clione, have both male and female characteristics, so in a way they’re kinda bigender too. YOU CHOSE YOUR URL WELL TBH)

YOU SURE ARE MAKING ME SMILE THOUGH MAN (YEAH I TOTALLY DON’T KNOW WHO THIS IS, NO IDEA WHATSOEVER) (i actually guessed it was you by the first 5 words who else would yell at me like this) bro i actually didnt know you had green eyes ive probably seen like two pictures of you and ive known you for how long? mystery. also stop being taller than me

you just learned those french pickup lines you huge nerd are you itching to use them or something go ahead 

please take me to museums and aquariums that would be so fun and chill bUT WAIT WHAT I DIDNT KNOW THAT ABOUT SEA ANGLES ACTUALLY. 

ARTIST: Garden City Movement
TRACK: Move On


Move On | Garden City Movement

Anonymous asked:
that's so unfortunate! D8 well is there a friend or someone who can maybe send it to you when it releases on DVD? That's assuming you'd prefer to watch it in english rather than japanese

yes i like to watch things in their original language (if its english or japanese) if its possible, so i can get the jokes that don’t translate. this is also the case for Guardians of the Galaxy which will release on the 13th this month!! this’ll have subbed versions since it’s not a kids movie totally seeing it asap~*~**~*

yes my best friend has already offered to give me a digital download when she buys the dvd hoo hoo


Demon Portrait of Nauseo for im-bravo

Anonymous asked:
frick youre making me blush stop it youre far more adorable than me believe me but yeah you're going to love httyd2 i anticipate the day you see it ❤️

nah if i were this adorable i’d be in love with myself

HOPEFULLY UGH i missed my chance to go see it at the military base since they were only playing it for like a week, and in Japanese theatres i don’t think it’ll be out for another year….. and it’ll be dubbed…. (sobbing) 

Anonymous asked:
19, male, over 14ft long, 2 tons, no hair, is an actual shark, nuff said *loud winking**

it is now law, i have a shark boyfriend

odinarrow asked:
melon coconut and plum


melon - i think i saw you like at a livestream and the fandom was p small and i saw you around a lot and i didnt really get to know you or anything until you got the odinarrow url?? And then it was like damn this guy is probably super worth my attention

coconut - you and cliones go hand in hand to me idk man

plum - uM wow i dont know im so sorry im not good at music association stuff aaaa so rry

Anonymous asked:
we rIDE A T MIDNIGHT ( u get my reference c dragons ) i think im hilarious but im really not you'd be putting up with a nerd


Anonymous asked:
ayyy 18 here, bigender, short like 5'4 or somethn, brown eyes brown hair that i get cut and dyed a lot!!! MY FAVOURITE THING IN LIFE IS PROBABLY MY FRIENDS (like u winkwink) and then dragons are pretty cool too boy am i giving myself away this "anon" thing doesnt work for me does it. can we go to disneyland for our date because DO I NEED TO GIVE A REASON



Anonymous asked:
I'm 19 amab genderfluid maybe idk male pronouns work, I have curlyish dark brown hair that I normally dye red and right now I have a side cut, I'm super tall thein and fairly tan and really cute and for dates I like going out to eat or things like mini golf or bowling or stuff that's fairly active because I'm bad at talking and don't like silence and like to have things to fill the gaps

YOU SOUND SO VERY CUTE UGH i love curly hair bye

i haven’t gotten bowling yet that’s another fun activity to do on dates!! i’ll do my best to talk huffhuff!!! as long as i have topics ill talk forever 

Anonymous asked:
21, non-binary but androgynous to masculine in appearance, brown eyes and hair; i'm kind of a workaholic and like learning about new stuff; i'm aromantic but like going on dates so probably a day at an amusement park, like disneyland, and then dinner at a nice restaurant.

hhhhhh definitely everything i love to do, i love love love learning as well aND I GO TO DISNEY LIKE UP TO 4 TIMES A YEAR THAT’S HOW MUCH I LIKE IT i’ve been to disneysea 3 times this year already and going to disneyland for halloween next month again omfg

you sound like a relaxing person to be with *w*///